An Innovation in Solar Power

Enopte has developed a unique solution to address the rising costs of power.
In partnership with licensed partners and our energy metering systems,
you PAY NOTHING to access:

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    Up to 30% Cheaper Power

    Electricity from 19.5 cents per KWh. Most retail rates are as much as 28 cents per KWh

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    A Solar System at no upfront cost

    All you pay is your electricity usage at a discount rate!

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    Our State-of-the-Art Energy Management System

    Developed on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, the EMS will provide demand management controls and detailed information about your consumption and generation to reduce costs.

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    Option for No Lock-in Contracts

    Flexibility for both property owners and tenants

What You Get

Solar System

With quality components, your solar system is designed to last and is installed by licensed electricians.

Energy Management

Our Energy Management Portal provides demand management and monitors and manages your energy usage, generation and storage


Every Solar install gets our integrated energy management solution to control and manage your power and equipment

What’s the Catch?

The key difference is you have two power bills,
a solar usage bill at a lower price than your newly reduced regular power bill!

If your daytime usage is too low, our solar sales expert may find you cannot qualify for these innovative savings.

Your Benefits

Australian Products

All our products are developed & tested in Australia. We proudly support local industry & sustainability to bring you quality products and service.

Residential and Commercial

Monitor, manage & store your power by controlling loads, reducing demand & distributing generated power to battery storage or high load equipment.

Metering and Billing

Our products save people money – but they also provide billing and metering solutions for Energy Retailers and Solar PPA License holders


Select from or join our preferred network of electrical installers to provide quality advice and installation for all our products.

Take control of your energy usage today!

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