This Brisbane Golf Club conducted a full energy audit to consider the savings by implementing energy management and power factor correction on their clubhouse.

The table below outlines the scenario and savings after the AuziMAX EMS and power factor correction equipment from Edge Electrons was installed.

With annual savings of approximately $5,300 per year, the equipment and installation paid for itself in 18 months – representing a return of 66%.

Energy Costs per Annum


Average Energy Use per day

782 kWh

Network Demand

84 kVA

Power Factor


Energy Reduction Solution

1. Install 60 Channel AuziMAX EMS
2. Install Power Factor Correction

AuziMAX Savings

15 kVA Demand and 7MWh / year – The AuziMAX EMS is controlling the main ducted AC system in order to minimise network demand. The EMS is also switching off loads sometimes left on overnight saving an estimated 7MWh per annum.

PFC Savings

5 kVA Demand – The Power Factor Correction unit is raising the Power Factor from 0.91 to Unity, and saving 5 kVA from network demand charges.

Equipment Investment

Total $8,000 – AuziMAX EMS – $5500
Edge 25 KVAR PFC – $2500

Total Savings and Expected Return on Investment

Approx. $5300 annual saving – comprising 15kVA reduction in network demand (24%), and 7MWh energy reduction

Future Energy Saving Initiatives

Based on the energy data gathered the following initiatives are to be evaluated in coming months:
a) Installation of 30kW solar pv
b) Demand reduction on main cold room
c) Investigate higher than expected peak demand from kitchen oven
d) Investigate high harmonic distortion from Poker Machines

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