IGA Express – Case Study

A full energy audit of a convenience store provided analysis to consider the savings by installing an energy management system with demand management and power factor correction on their convenience store.

Energy data from the AuziMAX EMS also provided easy cost-benefit analysis to justify replacing 100 fluorescent lights with LED equivalents.

The table below outlines the scenario and savings after the AuziMAX EMS, LED lights and power factor correction equipment from Edge Electrons was installed.

With annual savings of approximately $5,600 per year, the equipment and installation has a return on investment of 20 months.

Energy Costs per Annum


Average Energy Use per day

820 kWh

Network Demand

55 kVA

Power Factor


Energy Reduction Solution

1. Install 40 channel AuziMAX EMS
2. Implement AuziMAX Demand Management
3. Install Edge Electrons PFC
4. Replace 100 fluorescent tubes with LED equivalents

KVAR Savings

4.4 kVA and 20.4 kVAR – The Edge PFC unit is reducing reactive load by an average 20.4 kVAR, raising the Power Factor from 0.85 to 0.97, and saving 4.4 kVA from network demand charges

Demand Savings

Energy Efficiency Savings

7.2 kVA Demand – The AuziMAX EMS is controlling 2 x 4KW Fujitsu Air Cond. units and one cold room. The combined savings is 7.2 kVA off network demand.

11 MWh per annum – AuziMAX EMS has highlighted high energy consumed on lighting circuits. Energy savings of 11 MWh per year can be achieved by retrofit of 100 x 30W fluorescent light tubes with 18W LED units.

Equipment Investment

AuziMAX EMS (40 Channel) – $3995
Edge 25 KVAR PFC – $2500
100 x 18W LED light tubes – $1750
Installation – $1500
Total $9,745

Total Savings and Expected Return on Investment

Approx. $12,700 annual saving – ROI of 3 years – comprising network demand reduction of 11.6 kVA (20% of max demand), and Energy Efficiency saving of 11MWh per annum annual savings of $5600 per annum are achieved with ROI of 20 months.

Future Energy Saving Initiatives

Based on the energy data gathered the following initiatives are to be evaluated in coming months:
a) Increasing Solar PV system to 36 kW
b) Reduction of loads overnight – currently showing 8kW running idle.

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