Off-grid energy that every home can afford!

Solar PV and Battery packages starting from $12,500!

Enopte Power Station

Enopte Power Station

The ENOPTE Power Station (EPS) is a fully integrated Battery Energy Storage System positioned for Residential and Small Business application.

Coupled with a 15kWh Lithium battery and up to 8KW of SOLAR PV, this powerful package is designed for Hybrid or Off-Grid application.

Each battery is fully mobile and comes equipped with Enopte’s state of the art Energy Management System, allowing visibility of energy use down to circuit level.

Enopte Power Station (EPS) customers can also choose to participate in the Smart Grid Energy Exchange, a cloud-based energy platform enabling sharing of energy across the power grid.

Safeguard your family, your home and your environment. Now is a Good Time to become an EPS Customer.