Power Block EN-5160-LFP

Power Block EN-5160-LFP

The Enopte PowerBlock lithium solar battery is Australian designed and made. Storing energy from your solar power or wind power system, you can use the stored power at night from the solar power stored during the day or on still days or nights.

When connected to the Enopte Energy Management Dashboard, the PowerBlock can be configured to reduce your peak load – a key factor to making savings on electricity bills. It also gives you the ability to check the health and storage of the battery at any time with it’s 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

The battery is easily integrated into existing systems and is compact, floor stackable and connects to a wide range of hybrid and off-grid invertors. It plugs into the existing power supply in homes or businesses and can replace lead-acid batteries, giving higher power density and increased battery lifetime.

Made with non-toxic and recyclable materials and a solid all aluminium enclosure, it is safe with no risk of fire, has dual protection BMS relay, internal fuse and no thermal runaway.

The Enopte PowerBlock battery is powerful enough to be used for off-grid or Micro-grid solar installations.