Chamsoft IT Enopte Solar Battery System

Chamsoft is an Information Technology business based in Orlando St, Coffs Harbour with a 5KW Solar system and a vision to be as sustainable as possible.

In spite of the grid connect solar, over the years Chamsoft has suffered escalating power outages and wanted a solution to avoid sending workers home … not to mention the adverse effects on their server equipment etc.

Enopte was chosen to provide a solution based on their advanced PowerBLOCK Lithium battery combined with the AuziMAX Energy Monitoring.

System Specifications installed are as follows:

• 5KW Hybrid Inverter

• Capacity for 8KW Solar panels (5.2 KW installed)

• 7.5 kWh Enopte PowerBLOCK Battery

• 20 Channel AuziMAX Energy Management SystemFeatures of the system that appealed to Chamsoft are:

• Small footprint of the battery;  able to fit in office cupboard

• Safety of the Battery chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate – highly rated for safety).

• Advanced Battery Management System

• Ability to remotely rebalance the cells if required (no call out required)

• Fail Safe features, including automatic change over switch in case of battery or system failure.

Chamsoft I.T. is now exporting significantly more energy than they consume and are able to keep operating their business during growing storms Coffs Harbor has been experiencing.

Chamsoft IT Enopte Dashboard