Energy management...monitoring and control.

Our products provide monitoring, management, control and distribution of your power usage and generation.
From large industrial sites, through to small residential, Enopte develops and manufactures products that will empower your energy consumption and generation.
Whether you need to store, reduce, control, monitor or distribute power, our products, either stand-alone or integrated together, will save you money and reduce your environmental impact.

Designed, assembled and tested in Australia, Enopte proudly supports local industry and provides excellent quality and support.

At the heart of our product suite are the AuziMAX, Power-Block and the Energy Management System Portal.

  • Complete Energy and Site Monitoring

    Via connection to your electrical board and other site equipment, AuziMAX delivers comprehensive energy and site information like power usage, temperature and occupancy.

  • Equipment Demand Controls and Alerts

    With both automatic and manual equipment controls and alerts, AuziMAX will reduce your peak and general consumption and provide unparalleled site response.

  • Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact

    Return on investment can be as low as 12 months. Saving money and reducing your environmental impact

  • Online Portal and Integration

    Hand coded from the ground up for extensive sub-channel, mains and environmental site data analysis, our Energy Management System Portal provides best-in-it’s-class charting, reporting and alerts. Preview Here

How AuziMAX Works

AuziMAX installs on your buildings’ power distribution board to collect data on mains, solar (if available) and sub-circuit supplies. It also connects to loads like hot water, air-condition and pumping and enables automatic control based on energy tariffs, demand, conditions and timers.

Where solar panels and or storage are fitted, the system will work out optimal use of the available energy. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere via web browser or App.

AuziMAX’s comprehensive reporting console allows you to see exactly where you can save energy and reduce costs. Automatic control equipment (if installed) reporting details where the total dollar savings are made based on tariffs (electricity costs) via both kWh and KVA demand reduction. You will receive notices of where your budget is exceeded and advice on what circuit is causing the overuse. In addition to helping lower power costs, this is also valuable in preventative equipment maintenance, reducing downtime and unnecessary equipment overload.

Keep Costs Low

AuziMAX’s smart dashboard provides a budget checklist, energy breakdown and up to minute-by-minute analysis and reporting, paying for itself in sometimes less than 6 months.

Solar Panels

AuziMAX monitors your solar panels (or other generation source) performance and alerts you quickly if something is wrong, well before your next power bill arrives.

Battery Integration

AuziMAX’s integrated battery management will track your batteries’ performance 24/7, driving power into your home when the sun goes down.

Air Conditioning

AuziMAX’s Solar Comfort algorithms monitors conditions (including temperature and humidity), controls ventilation, and optimises energy drawn from generation and the grid.

Hot Water

AuziMAX’s Power Director Technology improves your hot water efficiency by using energy from renewable generation as first priority over the grid power.


Alarm your building with the Smart Phone App, placing circuits on standby when you’re out and warning of unauthorised building entry.

Equipment & Pumps

Demand-based and remote controls with alerts if equipment is performing poorly or over budget enables preventative maintenance and reduces downtime.

Local Contractors

AuziMAX can be configured to automatically contact your local contractor in the event of equipment over-run &/or failure ensuring you have minimum down time.

  • Compact, Stackable, Quick Install

  • Drop in replacement for Lead Acid

  • Safe. No thermal runaway or risk of fire

  • Online Portal and Integration 24/7

  • Non-toxic and recyclable materials

  • Solid all aluminium enclosure

  • Dual Protection BMS Relay & Internal Fuse

How Power Block Works

POWER-BLOCK stores energy from your renewable energy system which can be used to power loads outside of generation hours. POWER-BLOCK will connect to a wide range of hybrid and off-grid inverters and can be used as a lead-acid battery replacement, giving higher power density and increased lifetime.

When coupled with the AuziMAX Energy Management System, POWER-BLOCK can be configured for household peak load reduction, off-grid installations, or as a Micro-Grid configuration for sustainable developments.

The AuziMAX portal provides visibility of your entire energy system, and can be automated to ensure non-essential loads such as Hot Water and Air-conditioning do not drain the battery.

AuziMAX also provides 24/7 reporting of the state of battery health, down to individual cell voltages, temperatures and currents within the POWER-BLOCK. This information is stored in the cloud for the entire warranty period ensuring protection of the battery.