Cherax Park Aquaculture Farm Enopte Solar Battery System

Cherax Park is an Aquafarm 40 km north of Gympie specialising in Redclaw, traditionally with a power bill of approx. $2000 per month.

After researching available energy solutions, Enopte Solutions was chosen to provide a Commercial Solar System over the 2 sheds with integrated Energy Management and Battery Storage.

Specifications of the system included:

  • 80 KW Solar PV installed on 2 sheds and main house.
  • 22 kWh Enopte PowerBLOCK Battery storage to back up critical aeration equipment
  • 40 Channel AuziMAX Energy Management system
  • Class 1 Billing system installed on 2 NMI’s.

The overall system was installed based on payback period of 5 years, providing a very attractive long-term solution to reduce energy requirements and supplying live data on operation of the Aquafarm down to the equipment level.

Cherax Park Aquaculture Farm Enopte Dashboard